Keara + Brian | Fall Newburyport Engagement at Maudslay State Park

The world works in mysterious ways my friends.

Keara is a childhood friend who I used to do sports with. A few years back I got an inquiry for a random wedding of someone who came across my work on the internet.  I showed up to shoot on the wedding day, only to realize that Keara of all the people in the world was one of the bridesmaids!  It took us both a second to make the connection, but when we did it was surreal!  We hadn’t talked to or seen each other in over 10 or so years.  Fast forward a couple moreeee years and here we are, shooting Keara’s engagement photos in Newburyport at the park she and Brian got engaged at! So grateful for this crazy job that connects and reconnects with me people from all over the world, and all parts of my life! Can’t wait for your wedding next fall!