Desert Engagement Session – Palm Springs, CA

Joshua Tree is probably one of my favorite places on Earth.  Many of you might not know, but I lived in Palm Springs (just south of JTree) for two and a half years and man did the desert steal a piece of my heart.  I moved there on a complete whim after only driving through the city once on my way back up to South Lake Tahoe – where I was living at the time.  There is something so inspiring to me about the color palettes, vast dry landscapes and history of the desert.  I met Genevieve and Jason a few years ago during my time in the desert.  When they asked me to take some engagement pictures for them I was super excited! We went to one of my favorite little hidden gem spots in the low desert for their engagement shoot and had a ton of fun doing weird things and laughing while stumbling over rocks and kicking sand around.  If you, or anyone you know is getting married in or around the Joshua Tree / Palm Springs area send me a message and I’d love to be a part of their celebration!