Lys & Charlie – Intimate Wedding Party at Endicott Estate

Preface: I met Charlie in 2007 when I first moved to Boston after high school.  I was walking up the street to a friends house and saw a hiring sign in a bar window, I applied to be a waitress and ended up finding the place I’d work at for the next 6 years.  All through college and a few years after.  During my time at the bar, I met so many people who became some of my closet friends.  Charlie being one of them!  At the time I was pre-med in college (ha!) and we would nerd out about life and school and what we’d do after our lives at the bar.  Charlie went on to teach Latin in Boston and me, well I became a photographer and moved to California.  We each followed our dreams and it took us in completely different directions.

Today: About a year after I moved back to New England I got a message from Charlie saying he and his longtime girlfriend Lys were getting married and he wanted me to be a part of the celebration!  They had already had a private ceremony but wanted to have some portraits taken of the two of them at the Endicott Estate, where they’d be hosting their closest friends and family for a dinner celebration.  I was honored and humbled to be a part of this very special time in their lives.  Here are a few of my favorites from their crisp winter wedding celebration at the gorgeous Endicott Estate.