Ashleigh + Tori | Classic Couple’s Portraits At Home

These two are one of the sweetest and most genuine couple’s I’ve ever met.

A few sentences into meeting Tori she was telling me how she hasn’t taken a picture in over five years, hates being in front of the camera and is SO awkward and by the end of their session both Tori and Ashleigh looked like naturals.  For potential couple’s looking for an engagement session, or for couple’s who have never had their pictures taken together before I cannot recommend this enough!  Not only is it a great opportunity to have some rad photos of you and your significant other, but more importantly it’s a chance for us to practice together, experiment and see how you guys interact in-front of the camera.  Photography is a collaboration between me, and you!  It takes time, effort and a willingness to let go – a trust that has to be earned sometimes.  Not everyone is comfortable just jumping in front of the camera and that’s completely ok!  I can promise that by the end of the session you will at least feel better about having your picture taken, you’ll know what it feels like to pose and we will all have shared some / a lot of laughs and memories.  All of which will make taking pictures on the wedding day that much more stress-free.