committed to embracing

simplicity & spontaneity

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m an adventurer, coffee lover, photographer + design enthusiast! If you asked me to describe myself and my work in two words it would be effortless + unconventional. Photography has allowed me the privilege to travel and live on both the east and west coasts, capturing stories of love and creating content for brands. At the moment I’m enjoying calling Little Rhodie my home, re-learning what I loved about growing up in New England.

I believe in keeping things simple and for my work to live on for generations to come. I am not one for tricks or trends or false promises, I simply document you, your story and what I see in the most natural and sincere way. I am inspired by simplicity, shapes, the great outdoors and the subtle nuances of everyday life. When I’m not shooting weddings you will most likely find me on the road with my handsome man and our beloved van, Dot, traveling to new places, or rediscovering an old one – camera in hand of course.