I’m a Photographer, Designer and Writer with a passion for documenting the world around us and stories that make us human.

I’m primarily a lifestyle photographer turned interior design junkie, coffee addict, explorer and self-proclaimed writer. I’m a lover of thoughtful design, unique experiences, and all things deserty. I have a knack for coming up with wild ideas that are, by most peoples standards, ridiculous, and an even bigger knack for coming up with ways to bring these ideas into reality.


I’m a born and raised New Englander but the desert has always held my heart. Currently, my fiance and I are living in the beautiful Grand Canyon State of Arizona.  If you know anything about AZ you know that it is quirky, eclectic, love-able, and down to earth. Which honestly, is a lot like me, and perhaps why we have decided to create a life here – not to mention the near perfect year round weather, amazing landscapes and incredible food scene!

I believe in keeping things simple – whether it’s my photography, design work, personal life or wardrobe, I think it’s the secret sauce to a happy life. I created this blog to have place to share my life experiences, travels, daily musings and work with the world.

In my past lives I was a hostess, a bartender, an executive assistant, brand manager, math wiz, and web guru. But mostly, I think of myself as a creative entrepreneur who thrives helping others realize their full potential and transform their businesses with creative design. I enjoy collaborating with individuals and brands who believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Pushing the boundaries of what we think we can achieve, in order the live the life we were always meant to have.  Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it? Whether you’re a brand looking to collaborate or a fellow desert dweller who just happened to find yourself here via the world wide web – I am grateful to have you! My hope is that you find a sense of community and a source of inspiration while you’re here. Enjoy!


Below are a few of the badass brands I’ve had the honor of working with throughout the years.